Large as Life // Mercedes-Benz

The V-Class is the perfect car for everyday life and the spontaneous adventure trips on the weekend. Besides families we address customers with active lifestyle in the campaign, showing the versatility of the V-Class.

Die V-Klasse ist der perfekte Wagen für den Alltag und spontane Abenteuer am Wochenende. Neben Familien richten wir unsere Kampagne auch an Kunden, die einen aktiven Lifestyle pflegen, indem wir die Vielfalt der V-Klasse inszenieren.



EN: For fun days – and Mondays.

EN: Not all playgrounds are just down the road.

EN: Full of life, with space to spare.

Agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinski
My Team: Francis Cazal (Senior Copy), Lily Sohm (Art)
Photographer: Anke Luckmann