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In cooporation with the german singer/songwriter Adel Tawil we started a big integrated participation campaign divided in different phases. Out of all the submitted playlists of the Germans Adel wrote a whole new song. The final song was premiered before the season opening from the German Bundesliga in the Allianz-Arena and a concert next day – promoted with a simultan livestream in seven German TV stations – being watched by more than 5 million people.

Zusammen mit Adel Tawil realisierten wir für die Deutsche Telekom eine umfangreiche integrierte Partizipationskampagne. Aus den eingereichten Playlists der Teilnehmer textet der Musiker einen neuen Song für alle. Die in mehreren Phasen aufgeteilte Kampagne endet mit der Premiere des Songs zum Bundesliga-Auftakt 2015 in der Allianz-Arena – und einem Live-Gig auf sieben Hauptsendern mit mehr als 5 Mio Zuschauern.

Shortlisted at German Effie 2016, most effective Engagement Campaign at the worldwide Telekom Media Award 2016 and winner of the 2016 International Sponsoring Awards.


Our Songs Visual

EN: Our songs become one. Send me the playlist of your life and I’ll make a new song out of it.

Phase 1: Commercial (Subtitles included)

Phase 2: Teaser Production (Subtitles included)

Phase 3: Teaser Release (Subtitles included)

Phase 4: Livespot/Liverelease (Subtitles included)

Case Study

Additional Social Buzz / Talents

Additional Online Media & Live Bannering

Final Song

Agency: DDB
My Team: Simon Huke (CD)
Director: Emile Rafael
Photographer: Robert Grischek